ICONS + Altars


My parents on their wedding day, which was the inspiration for "Recuerda Me"  

Every other year or so I have been donating an artwork to an invitational exhibition entitled, “Icons + Altars”. The annual show is a major fundraiser for The New Art Center in Newton, Massachusetts. Each year, around 100 artists are selected to participate, creating works based on their own “personal, cultural or social” interpretation of an icon or altar. Works may be two- or three-dimensional but must conform to a height, width and depth of between 12” and 18” each.

The artwork is sold in a unique format. Anyone interested in purchasing a piece buys a fixed-price ticket any day during the show. On the final day of the exhibition, tickets are drawn from a bowl to determine the order in which the pieces are selected. The first name drawn gets first choice of any piece in the show and so on. Participating artists may keep up to 50% of the ticket price.

I enjoy doing pieces for this show because it allows me to stretch a little and try new techniques without having to worry about client approval. The show runs mid-November to mid-December.


© 2011 Alan Witschonke