Historia De Cuervocon


Some Cuervistas

This project had its genesis at ICON3 in Philadelphia, PA in June of 2003. I shared a hotel room with two illustrator friends, Rob Saunders and James Kaczman. Rob also happened to be in the all-illustrator band, the Half-Tones, that was performing at ICON. Given a bottle of Jose Cuervo for the band’s efforts, Rob brought it up to our hotel room followed by a small horde of party-goers. Thus were the “Cuervistas” formed. Meeting for camaraderie and tequila several times after the event, we decided to have our own alternative to ICON4, dubbed “CuervoCon”. In August of 2005, everyone met at James’ house in Connecticut for a weekend of shop talk, sketching, music and revelry. To spice it up, James gave us all the “assignment” to design and illustrate the label and/or box for the Jose Cuervo Reserva bottle. What you see is my interpretation.


© 2011 Alan Witschonke